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What is Grizzly Grills?

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Our Story

Adventure is everywhere. Whether you fish, hike, camp or kayak, at the end of the day we can all gather around the fire.
Outdoor Cooking is an everyday adventure. Grizzly Grills brings the great outdoors to your backyard, camping site or family catch up.
With its charcoal aroma, it invites you to explore: grilling, smoking, roasting or baking. Enjoy authentic flavours and pure food.
Grizzly Grills are made from renewable resources, such as cordierite ceramic (with a 20-year guarantee), cast iron and solid bamboo.
To explore – even close by, with the family. To picture the freedom of a forest – even in your backyard. To buckle up for adventures – even the small ones.
Welcome to the world of Grizzly Grills.